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Our Vision is based on Isaiah 54. 

It is both our Corporate Vision and for the individual believer.

There are 7 Revelations given to us:

              Revelation #1-   We have supernatural growth.  Verse 1

              Revelation #2-   We have a supernatural building program.  Verse 2, 3

              Revelation #3-   We are forgiven, the Lord is our redeemer.  Verse 4-10

              Revelation #4-   We are a fasting church.  Verse 11

              Revelation #5-   We have a supernatural teaching ministry.  Verse 13

              Revelation #6-   We have no fear.  Verse 14

              Revelation #7-   We have supernatural protection.  Verse 15-17


    To win the lost at any cost and to make disciples of Jesus Christ,

the Son of the Living God. 

St Luke 19:9, 10 and St Matthew 28:15-18b

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